AXIPITER assists its clients in all areas relating to the business and corporate taxation and taxation of groups of companies.

We advise and assist large groups as well as SMEs and mid-cap companies on corporate income tax (IS) but more generally, in all areas relating to corporate taxation: VAT, local taxes, payroll tax, CFE (property taxes), CVAE, etc. We work on tax aspects related to current activity (tax review to determine taxable income and calculation of corporate tax, tax consolidation, group of companies’ regimes, transfer pricing, management and use of deficits, etc.) but also in restructuring groups (LBOs) and on all tax aspects of transactions and corporate reorganizations (due diligence reviews, mergers, contributions, splits, transfer of going concerns, etc.).

We also assist clients involved in international activities on the tax aspects related to, e.g. the presence and activity of subsidiaries or branches abroad, analysis with regard to the concept of permanent establishment, cross-border transactions and determination of level and method of remuneration with regard to applicable economic and fiscal standards (OECD – transfer prices) for intra-group transactions, taxation on dividends, etc.

Finally, our tax team assists companies in their relations with the tax authorities within the framework of tax audits or in litigation before administrative and judicial courts.